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Can I create a custom Wall Sticker?
  If you can’t find the perfect Wall Sticker, our team will gladly customize one for you. Simply email your request at with your design description and size specifications.  Pricing is based on sizing and complexity of design.  Custom orders are final sales.
Can I cut my Wall Sticker?
  Yes!  The Wall Sticker material is bendable and can be cut with average household scissors. Cutting your Wall Sticker may damage the overall look of the design. You can cut or shape your Wall Sticker for a perfect fit, or highlight or omit details from the design.
Can I reuse my Wall Stickers?
  Even years! Simply replace the design elements onto the liner/backer and keep your Wall Stickers in a dust free and room temperature environment. You can reapply them for the next season. Or better yet - check out the new designs! Decorating with Wall Stickers is so easy and affordable that you can change your décor as often as you wish!
Duration of my Wall Stickers?
  Wall Stickers are more commonly purchased for minimum of eggshell painted surfaces and finely finished furniture.  The lifespan of a Wall Stickers  is up to 4 years, depending on the surface material it was applied to and weather conditions in your area (dry climates are ideal).  Wall Stickers products placed in direct sun, or areas with moisture/steam (not recommended) may compromise the adhesive.  Wall Stickers  products that are applied to very smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic, porcelain or non-corroded metal will adhere the best if installed correctly.

The removable wall stickers must be stored properly (original backing), dust free to maintain adhesive
How do I remove my Wall Sticker?
  Lift up an edge and slowly peel up the Wall Sticker. There is always a chance that paint or furniture stain flecks may be removed with the Wall Sticker.  Depending on the existing condition of surface you have applied the Wall Sticker to and the location and conditions where the Wall Sticker was applied, we cannot guarantee this paint flecking won’t happen.  Paint touch ups may be required.  
For glass surfaces, try blow-drying the Wall Sticker (on low heat) and then peel up.
Textured Surfaces...
  If you are applying your Wall Sticker to any texture greater than an orange skin (standard drywall finish), we do not recommend this product.  Surface stippling or imperfections caused by faux finished paint applications will not allow the Wall Sticker to adhere properly and may even create punctures in the vinyl.  Dry, smooth surfaces of eggshell paint or better are recommended. products will not adhere to oil stained wood furnishings or furnishings cleaned with oil based cleaners.  New paint must be dry for one week prior to installation. does not guarantee the success of Wall Sticker directly exposed to moisture/steam and does not recommend products for exterior use. does not guarantee the success of installation on any surface that is not properly cleaned prior to application.Wall Stickers will not adhere to wet or moist surfaces.

When will I receive my Wall Sticker(s)?
  Most Wall Stickers ship out the same day or the following business day (in case of holiday or weekend). We ship UPS Ground and depending on your location, we allow 3-5 Business Days for delivery.  A Tracking number will be emailed to you with details.
Where can I put my Wall Stickers?
  Almost anywhere!   Wall Stickers work on any smooth, dry and clean surface: walls, mirrors, refrigerators, laptop covers, tiles, glass, lockers, furniture, accessories, etc.. even automotive surfaces! Ceilings, finely finished wood, laminate or sealed concrete floors, finely finished furniture, smooth metal, exterior of glass shower enclosures, windows, doors, light switch surrounds, mirror décor, fan blades, cabinetry facing, smooth tile, doors, chairs, plastics, refrigerators, dishwashers, toilets, etc.
Please refer to our "Textured Surfaces" FAQ category if you are unsure about the surfaces texture in which you are planning the installation for.