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The newest alternative to wall and surface finishing.

Wall stickers are...
the newest alternative for those that want a quick solution for wall and surface finishing. It provides parents an easy and inexpensive way to bring home a kid's favorite character. Enhance kids rooms, play rooms and other rooms with with style and "do it yourself" ease. 
Wall Stickers are made of a self-adhesive material and are also called wall decals or "wall tatoos".  Our wall stickers easy enough to install yourself, and even more fun to install with a friend!   Wall stickers are the perfect alternative for messy painting and messy wallpaper glue.  Throw away the stencils, the work is already done for your just peel and stick! Tadaaaaa!  Our artists have created exclusive designs that are sure to fit any theme or design genre.  With a quick peel and stick application, you're on your way to transforming those areas with potential into visual delights!

Tell me more...
Wall Stickers are similar to WALL DECALSWallstickers.net carries the newest and hottest trends in wall designs and surface applique.  Varieties of sizes for you to choose from, with over 20 licensed product options in hundreds of designs.  Check out all the categories we offer and you are bound to find the perfect one for your surface in need!  Make sure to visit us often, new collections will be introduced every month!

Where should I put my Wall stickers?
Almost anywhere!   Walls, ceilings, hard wood or sealed concrete floors, furniture, smooth metal, shower enclosures, privacy windows, door surrounds, light switch surrounds, mirror decor, fan blades, cabinetry, tile, doors, plastics, refrigerators, dishwashers, toilets, etc., etc., etc....

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